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Welcome to GeoDynamic AI

I completed my first Field Development Plan (FDP) way back in ~2000 while I was working with Oil India Limited, an NOC in India. It was for an onshore field in a mature basin. It was based on completely analytical workflow (structural & average property maps, drainage area & production profile from analogue fields and simple deterministic economics). Since then, I have delivered more than 36 Reservoir Simulation, Field Development Planning and Asset Evaluation studies in fields located in 18 countries across 5 continents.

During these studies, me and my team experienced several gaps and pain points in the traditional workflows and existing software. Most of these pain points are related to Rock Typing, Saturation Modelling, Relative Permeability Assignment, Uncertainty Analysis, Impact of Uncertainty in Economics etc.

In order to address these gaps, I started building small excel based tools, which were then made more functional by adding VBA programming codes and scripts for extracting/preparing the input data. I have been constantly updating these tools during each new project adding features and functionalities. I believe we have finally achieved a systematic way to address these gaps.

The long term vision for this company is to build a smooth flowing interface (delivered as a cloud based tool or plug-in) for this systematic approach. I also want to apply AI/ML techniques to automate some of these steps so that the users can address these gaps on their own to improve the quality and efficiency of their FDPs.

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